Edgebox Platform

The Edgebox Platform is a highly flexible set of services that can collect, report and export data. These platform services can be assembled into specific sets of functionality that provide data management solutions to support an extremely wide range of user needs.

The built-in flexibility of the system allows it to adapt to almost any data requirement and even deployed directly into many clinical workflows. The system has the flexibility to evolve over time as data needs of the users evolve. The system actually encourages the changing and refinement of questions and answers as they arise which is how real life improvement projects unfold through various phases of discovery, insight and action.

We try to "fill the gaps" of healthcare information by providing a tool that can adapt to any situation and collect those missing pieces of information in order to see the full picture. If information already exists we can import and unify that data for integrated perspectives across many different systems in an organisation.




Performance Indicators and Benchmarks

At the top level of the Edgebox platform we can define key indicators to measure the state of various issues and the impacts of strategies, collections and interventions. Indicators can be linked across different reporting sets to establish streamlined jurisdictional cascades such as mandatory, regulatory or accreditation reporting. External benchmarks are loaded and managed along with internal benchmarks calculated for use through collaborative improvement networks.

Assessment Tools

Assessment tools provide ways to more passively quantify, classify and investigate many different types of data elements for topics such as falls or pressure ulcers. Many different audit specific datasets are supported that can satisfy internal and external reporting needs.

Improvement Tools

Improvement tools are more pro-active tools that focus on active ways to introduce, manage and monitor improvements. Compliance and check-list tools can assist in making improvements to care processes and see overall results in top level outcome measures.

Prevention Tools

Prevention tools are systemic approaches to known issues that can greatly support improvement efforts. Features generally take the form of reminders, check-lists and pathways, with generally more decision support oriented functionality aimed at maintaining consistent good process and outcome performance while avoiding any harmful events.

Community Collaboratives

The Edgebox community is the core of the value network as more people join the platform and contribute datasets and form spontaneous improvement and benchmarking collaboratives.

All of these dimensions of the platform are unified through a consistent collection and data integration layer that can coordinate data use throughout other parts of the system.

Start with any specific module within the system that may utilise one or more layers of functionality depending on the issue or focus area.