Our Mission

  • There are many great opportunities for improving safety, quality and cost in healthcare.

    We believe that improvement is achieved by engaging those involved in patient care and allowing people to create their own solutions.

    We are helping by creating a flexible web-based platform for data-driven improvement.


    Edgebox provides a healthcare improvement software platform to encourage internal conversations about performance. Through the platform people can connect with others like themselves who are interested in developing and sharing their understandings, approaches and results.

    Through these broader conversations and communities we hope that this will further accelerate improvements in patient safety and organisational management.


Join the Conversation

The conversations we have with our community members are an essential component in the process of creating great value with Edgebox products.

We make a commitment to respond to every single comment or suggestion we receive or see on the web. Over the years we have been involved in many fantastic developments we would never have imagined up-front, all achieved through being open to interactions and creating new conversations with people. We hope that the Edgebox platform and specific tools will be helpful for those needing to have the conversations for improvement.

At Edgebox we release a new version of the platform every 30 days in our own software version of an iterative PDSA/QI style process we call Agile Methods or SCRUM. Each release (or "sprint") contains a set of features and improvements that were prioritised with help from any customer feedback. We greatly appreciate the honest thoughts and suggestions we get from our customers as we strive to deliver the best solution we possibly can in a flexible and responsive way.

It's easy to join the conversation with us at Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Skype

You could also get involved at Practical Health Informatics.

Or connect with us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Why Choose Us

Easy to Use

Highly intuitive system requires little or no training. This results in good data quality and highly satisfied and effective users.

Visual Thinking

Graphical tools to reveal hidden insights into performance. Make data actionable to empower improvement efforts.

Secure and Reliable

Fully managed enterprise class software and platform as a service. Consistent with Australian Clinical Registry Standards. 

Flexible and Scalable

Easily adapt and expand solutions to support any number of users that are needed. Integrate existing sources of data for richer analysis.

Competitive Intelligence

Benchmark performance anonymously against others like yourself and assist competitive advantage by visualising your position in the market.

Affordable & Rapid ROI

Increased efficiency & safety generates ongoing ROI that can be invested into education and prevention for further improvement.

Multi-Award Winning Team

Edgebox is a multiple award winner at state and national levels.