Steve Govis

Steve is an Executive Director and Systems Architect at Edgebox.

Steve is a clinical informatics expert with international experience in the teaching and implementation of healthcare system integration, business intelligence and clinical safety & quality across Australia, UK, Canada, US and China. With deep real-world experience through creating some of the most advanced healthcare information environments in Australia, Steve is the recipient of various clinical IT innovation awards including the recent 2011 iAward for e-Health.

Steve was previously systems manager at the Repatriation General Hospital in Adelaide, development manager for rL Solutions and a senior architect for the ECRI PSO (Patient Safety Organisation) system in the US. Steve currently works at Edgebox to deliver leading edge clinical safety and performance solutions that provide insights into performance to help create conversations about improvement that enrich the lives of patients, their families and healthcare professionals.


Steve is also a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Informatics at the Flinders University of South Australia.


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