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Latest Edgebox Safety Innovation Wins 2012 SA iAward for e-Health

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on January 18, 2012

Australian healthcare innovator Edgebox has won the 2012 South Australian iAward for e-Health for an innovative medication decision support system that assists in reducing serious preventable harm to patients.

Edgebox Executive Director Mr Steve Govis says that Warfarin and other anticoagulation medications, which are commonly used to thin the blood, have many risks.

"Anticoagulation drugs are used across acute and community care settings but they can be complex to monitor and manage with significant potential to cause serious harm and even death", Mr Govis says. "Adverse effects from anticoagulant medications represented 10.7% of all adverse drug events in a major Quality in Australian Healthcare Study. Of these 32% resulted in permanent disability and 40% of cases were considered highly preventable."

Accessible via an iPhone or mobile device, the National Anticoagulation Decision Support System is the latest innovation from Edgebox, forming an important module in its cloud-based patient safety and performance improvement platform.

By giving clinicians the information they need to make safe and effective prescribing decisions, it helps to address a major area of preventable patient harm that is estimated to cost up to A$85 million dollars annually in Australia.

"The Edgebox platform takes healthcare teams on a learning journey from discovery, through to understanding, improvement and prevention.  We are seeing strong demand for systems that don't just count healthcare errors but enable real and sustained improvement." Mr Govis explains. "We are delighted to be recognised again this year for our achievements in patient safety."

To enhance insights, the system links with the Edgebox National Performance Indicator System which is used by over 120 facilities across Australia and won a national innovation award last year. The system provides visual performance perspectives to individual facilities, hospital groups and healthcare improvement groups for shared learning and improvement.

Edgebox now goes on to compete in the national e-health iAwards to be announced in August 2012.

Mr Steve Govis is available for media comments on 0417-872-635 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



About the Edgebox Platform

Edgebox provides an environment in which excellence can flourish using cloud-basedsolutions for mortality, case review and trigger tools, safety self-assessment, medication safety tools, surgical safety, clinical audit, compliance and accreditation.  Edgebox leverages clinical research projects and international academic programs in clinical informatics to make a stream of new assessment and improvement tools available.

The Edgebox platform is multi-lingual and currently available in British English, US English and Mandarin Chinese. Edgebox welcomes registrations of interestfor opportunities to participate in projects to establish national demonstration pilot sites in selected countries.

About Edgebox

The goal of Edgebox is to help accelerate improvements in performance management and patient safety by expanding the information capabilities of organisations through a flexible, affordable and simple to use platform of visual thinking tools. Edgebox is a recognised clinical systems innovator with experience across UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and China.

In conjunction with Flinders University and Nankai University in China, Edgebox also teaches a health informatics module as part of a highly regarded Masters of Health Administration qualification. More than 900 CEOs, executives, doctors and senior managers have participated in the course over the last seven years and the course continues to expand internationally.


For more information see www.edgebox.com.au

For information on the iAwards see www.iawards.com.au


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