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Edgebox Wins 2011 National Merit Award for e-Health Innovation

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on August 12, 2011

For the first time in Australia a ground breaking national healthcare performance, safety and quality system has been established for the private sector through a collaboration between Edgebox and the Australian Private Hospitals Association.

Edgebox is proud to announce that it is the 2011 National Merit Award winner for e-Health innovation. Over 17 years, the iAwards has become the premier technology awards platform in Australia honouring companies at the cutting edge of technology innovation as well as leading professionals across the industry. This year the award has expanded with the Australian Information Industry Association joining forces with the Australian Computer Society to deliver the most comprehensive awards program in the technology industry today.

The National Performance Indicator System captures 34 measures of activity, incidents and quality performance routinely submitted by over 120 healthcare facilities across Australia. The database now has over 3 years of data and provides facilities with regular and timely feedback on their performance benchmarked against all participating facilities for the purpose of learning and improvement.

The Edgebox platform and products help to create internal conversations about performance and improvement in a positive and constructive way The National Performance Indicator system provides an innovative way to connect the best performers with others who want to improve by sharing ideas and benefits more widely.

The Edgebox product strategy is based on a philosophy of filling the gaps where there are no effective existing systems. Edgebox Executive Director of Clinical Systems, Dr Chris Farmer, says "The systems aim to help make the hidden visible while creating an environment that allows excellence to flourish." A prime example is the St Andrews Hospital in Adelaide South Australia, that has won the Baxter Clinical Excellence Award twice in the last four years by making its safety performance visible and improving it where needed.

The platform that Edgebox has created provides a unique vocabulary or toolbox of healthcare components implemented using a fully cloud based infrastructure to rapidly build and evolve solutions while providing significant scale, management & cost advantages over more traditional software offerings. These solutions come in the form of modules or configuration ˜packs that can be plugged in to the platform and provide a rich and cohesive collection of datasets, features and reports tailored around a particular issue or need.

The platform services include a highly flexible and adaptive data engine that encourages evolution and refinement of data definitions including advanced data features such as layered information models. The end result is a platform for information agility and improvement that can cut across all levels of an organisation to get a full picture of the true underlying performance of critical issues.

Edgebox Executive Director and Systems Architect Mr Steve Govis says that "We have made available a set of vertical solutions that drill-down from top level indicators into internal datasets within an individual healthcare facility. One example is for the top level indicator of Medication Error. This high-level perspective is informative but it then raises other questions such as which medications, which type of patients and in which locations are these issues occurring? The vertical products that drill-down from top-level measures allow a facility to tease out greater levels of detail about the frequency of problems, the nature of them in order to generate ideas for management, intervention and prevention."

The national innovation award means that Edgebox will now represent Australia in the Asia/Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) to be held in Thailand, November 2011.


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